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Fantastic Account and a Great Value! Well Rounded

Account #: 10042
Shard: All Shards
Age: 1+ Months
Price: $198.00

Legendary Mage
120 Magery
120 Evaluating Intelligience
120 Resisting Spells
100 Meditation
120 Wrestling
100 Inscription

GM Tamer Mage
100 Animal Lore
100 Animal Taming
120 Magery
100 Evaluating Intelligience
100 Veterinary
100 Meditation

100 Blacksmith
100 Carpentry
100 Mining
100 Magery
20 Meditation
100 Tailoring
100 Tinkering

Elder Archer
120 Archery
100 Tactics
120 Healing
100 Meditation
100 Anatomy
100 Chivalry
60 Bushido

UO Accounts

We are currently buying uo accounts on all shards at any age. Please email with a account you are seriously selling with details stats and pictures if possible. We will review the account and get back with a final price. Based on the value of the account we can pay for the offical tranfer costs, or split it with you. Hope to hear from you soon, Team SearchUO.

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