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Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Sep 23, 2016

SearchUO is happy to present the all-new upgraded Vendor Search and Store look/functionality. Let's go into quick detail about the changes and how it's going to make your UO experience that much better !

First and foremost is a project we've been working on for quite some time. It's a straight up improvement to the way SearchUO users can search for items, quickly find their items, and not waste time trying to find the needle in the haystack. This improvement is the Interact-able Vendor Bag. To see this first hand, search an item as you would normally. Under the name of the items listed, you'll see a '(Show Bag)' hyperlink. Click this and it will draw the entirety of that vendor right there on the site. Inside you'll see ALL of the content on that specific vendor. The neat part is, you can now interact with that bag as if you were the vendor owner, picking up items, that say, are stacked, and moving them and seeing whats under them. You can double click a bag INSIDE the vendor bag and open that one and see that bag's contents. Also as an added feature to help you find the specific item on that vendor, it will be glowing and dancing around to easily be picked out from the other rubbish. It has never been easier to search for an item, find where exactly on the vendor it is, and see other items you may want from the same seller. As a UO player, I'm excited for this myself.

As far as the rest of the update, we changed the look and functionality of the site a bit. We didn't go too extreme in the look because we know people like what they like, just cleaned some stuff up and made it easier to read and understand. Now at the top you can find direct links to our Gold, Accounts, Suits and Powerleveling which are very popular items. The site has also been moved to a new server which is going to improve load times on an already well performing site. We also have the ability to add items and update prices MUCH easier and much faster, so we'll always be sure to remain the most competitive and comprehensive Ultima Online Store for many years to come!

All of us on the SearchUO Team just wants to thank you for being loyal customers since 2005 and making running this site and community a joy. We're one big family and we know you'll enjoy the new vendor search as much as we will. BUT since everyone's a critic ;), we're going to add a feedback section where you can directly get in touch with us and let us know what you think. If you wanna see something added, or improved upon, or just wanna say what's up, shoot us a message. Let's continue helping make UO a limitless and enjoiyable game, and community to be apart of!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Sep 20, 2016

Hello loyal Searchuo members! It's been awhile since we posted some news because we've been busy working on a brand new site for SearchUO!
Soon, we will be releasing a much better version of our website to thank everyone for their loyalty. Some of the new products are currently visible like our suits, which have been updated to compete with today's top pvp/pvm needs. We'll be adding additional suits, more new items, and packages of items, and will be working on additional tools to help make UO even better. What else would you like to see? We want ideas and suggestions, and if implemented we'll reward you with store credit!
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Oct 29, 2015

We've listed 500 Million Gold and 1 Billion (or 1 Platinum as the kids are calling it these days) on a Limited Time Sale! Click Here for the UO Gold Sale!

We'll be adding many new items over this weekend as well - Message our team with ideas for items, suits, and services you'd like to us provide and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Your SearchUO Team
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Jun 14, 2015

We've dropped the price of some of the most popular items in the store!

Forged Metal Tools
Garden Beds and More...!

Also remember our Best Price Guarantee. We will always match the pricing of our competitors while providing our top quality customer service, our long delivery hours, and our 5% return customer discount and 10% SUO Cash!
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Jun 01, 2015

We're happy to announce the expansion of our store hours! Please see below:

Monday - 10 AM EST to Midnight EST
Tuesday - 10 AM EST to 4 AM EST
Wendsday - 7 AM EST to 4 AM EST
Thursday - 7 AM EST to 4 AM EST
Friday - 7 AM EST to 4 AM EST
Saturday - 7 AM EST to 4 AM EST
Sunday - 7 AM EST to Midnight EST

We have a complete revamp of the search in the works, with full shard coverage and some other improvements we want to keep under wraps for now =)

You'll see new products, new packages and revamped suits coming in the next few weeks as well.

Please let us know what you'd like us to add, and give us ideas for tools and ways we can make your UO experience even better! Remember to refer your friends via your link in The My Account area and earn 10% off of every purchase they ever make through our site as well.

Have a wonderful start to the summer!
Matt and the team
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Dec 05, 2014

We're now open nearly 24 hours on the weekend! We'll also be adding new products and services over the coming weeks as well :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Your SearchUO Team
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Jul 02, 2014

For the month of July we'll be giving away one of these extremely cool X Rocker Pro Gaming Media Chairs.

For every $25 spent during the month of July you'll receive 1 entry into the drawing, held early August.

Good luck everyone!

- Your SearchUO Team

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Jun 20, 2014

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Jan 07, 2014

As some of you knew, we participated heavily in the PS4 and Xbox One launches, as did some of our friends, and since we have extra systems, we will be running this promotion on all of our sites up until the end of the month.

We'll always Price Match or Beat on competitors prices, and will always provide a far better experience.

Good luck!
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Jul 24, 2013

What is this new feature you speak of?!

For our users that play using the Enhanced Client, we have some very exciting news.

We have now built in integration with Pinco's UI so your vendor markers will show up on your in-game map ! What's more, a cool Compass will pop up and help guide you to the vendor.

To get started, download the enhanced client at UO's official website.

Next, download Pinco's UI from his website. The extended edition is a larger download but is less likely to have any hiccups in installation and patching. Download that here:
Read the setup guide on the page as well.

Once you have it downloaded and installed, run the UI Patcher file. That will create the file associations to make Pinco's work seamlessly with various browsers. Once the UI Patcher is run, please close down all browser windows and reload them. You're now good to go!

Get to searching =) You will notice the new image next to your results.

Click that and it will pop up a message saying that "Your Browser needs to launch an external application to handle the link", click OK and the link code will communicate the coordinates to your UO !

And there you have it =) EC integration.

We're working on CC integration and many more new and intuitive things right now, so you should see some very cool functionality rolled out in the near future.

Let us know what you think, and what we can improve. Any ideas are welcome in things you'd like to see, and things you'd like improved. Please let us know if you have any issues with getting the plugin to work by clicking the Contact Us on the upper left. Our Delivery Team can not help with bug reports. Please include OS, Browser Type and Version and as detailed of a problem as possible. We'll smooth the road out as quickly as possible =)

Everyone please take a moment to tip your hat to Pinco for his continual work on providing the Enhanced Client with a UI that is expansive, intelligent and by far the best way to play EC. He has maintained and improved the UI for free for years, as simply a service to the players; we are proud to share his mentality of helping the player base, and look forward to the future of this great game and player base!

New Gift System

Introducing our new gift system which now scales as your order grows past $25. We have included many new gifts, and will be rolling out even more gifts and improvements as we get usage data from the best user base in the world. We've also been adding new items and cutting prices, which you should see the full culmination of by next week.

Shopping at SearchUO puts your money to work. We love being able to prove the goods and services for our customers, but even more so we love to invest in new programming and ways to make UO an even better experience for everyone. If you ever need a price match from someone undercutting us, please just let our delivery team know and we'll be happy to ablidge. We are here for the long hall, and your patronage has helped us grow and give back.

We genuinely thank you for your support ! Enjoy

Matt and the team

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