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Damage Increase
Increases the base damage you inflict with your weapon.
Hit Chance Increase
Increases your final chance to make contact with your opponents.
Defense Chance Increase
Defense Chance Increase increases your final attempt to dodge your opponents blows.
Hit Dispel
Will have a percentage chance on each hit to cast the magery spell dispel on the target.
Hit Lower Attack
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to lower the strike chance of the target for a short time.
Hit Lower Defense
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to lower the defensive capabilities of the target for a short time.
Swing Speed Increase
Increases the base speed at which you swing your weapon.
Use Best Weapon Skill
Use Best Weapon Skill means that instead of needing the appropriate weapon skill to wield the weapon effectively you can use any melee weapon skill and still get the best result.
Spell Channeling
Allows you to cast magery spells even though you have a weapon or shield equipped.
Increases your chances of getting better loot when you kill a monster. It has a chance of increasing the number of items you find, the number of properties the items have and how high the properties are.
Mage Weapon
will allow you to use your magery skill instead of the appropriate combat skill for that weapon.
Hit Mana Leech
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to convert 40% of the damage inflicted on the target into mana for the wielder.
Hit Life Leech
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to convert 30% of the damage inflicted on the target into hit points for the wielder.
Hit Stamina Leech
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to convert 100% of the damage inflicted on the target into stamina for the wielder.
Hit Harm
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to cast the magery spell harm on the target.
Hit Lightning
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to cast the magery spell lightning on the target.
Hit Fireball
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to cast the magery spell fireball on the target.
Hit Magic Arrow
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to cast the magery spell magic arrow on the target.
Hit Cold Area
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to inflict a small amount of cold damage on all hostile creatures within a 5 tile range.
Hit Fire Area
Will have a percentage chance on each strike to inflict a small amount of fire damage on all hostile creatures within a 5 tile range.
Hit Physical Area
Will have a percentage attempt on each strike to inflict a small amount of physical damage on all hostile creatures within a 5 tile range.
Hit Poison Area
Will have a percentage attempt on each strike to inflict a small amount of poison damage on all hostile creatures within a 5 tile range.
Hit Energy Area
Will have a percentage attempt on each strike to inflict a small amount of energy damage on all hostile creatures within a 5 tile range.
Faster Casting
Makes you able to cast Magery and Paladin spells faster than normal.
Faster Cast Recovery
Shortens the time you have to wait between casting spells.
Cold Resist
Allows you to resist a percentage of all cold damage that is inflicted on you.
Energy Resist
Allows you to resist a percentage of all energy damage that is inflicted on you.
Fire Resist
Allows you to resist a percentage of all fire damage that is inflicted on you.
Physical Resist
Allows you to resist a percentage of all physical damage that is inflicted on you.
Poison Resist
Allows you to resist a percentage of all poison damage that is inflicted on you.
Total Resists
This is the total amount of all resists on an item, added together.
Lower Mana Cost
Will lower the amount of mana you need to be able to cast a spell or use a special move.
Lower Reagent Cost
Lowers the amount of reagents you need to cast spells, or use chivalry. Every time you cast a spell there is a chance that no reagents will be used.
Dexterity Bonus
Increases your Dexterity Stat by 1 point for every point of Dexterity Bonus you have.
Intelligence Bonus
Increases your Intelligence Stat by 1 point for every point of Intelligence Bonus you have.
Strength Bonus
Increases your Strength Stat by 1 point for every point of Strength Bonus you have.
Spell Damage Increase
Increases the amount of damage your spells inflict.
Enhance Potions
Increases the effects of heal, cure, strength, agility, refresh and explosion potions when they are used.
Reflect Physical Damage
When a character is damaged by an opponent using an item with this property equipped, a percentage of any physical damage will be reflected back on the attacker.
Hit Poit Regen
Mana Regeneration
Stamina Regeneration
Meditation Armor Only
Night Sight
Ultima Online Customers

Winter Gaming Giveaway Starts Today!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Jan 07, 2014

As some of you knew, we participated heavily in the PS4 and Xbox One launches, as did some of our friends, and since we have extra systems, we will be running this promotion on all of our sites up until the end of the month.

We'll always Price Match or Beat on competitors prices, and will always provide a far better experience.

Good luck!

Integration with Pinco's UI and the EC + New Items and New Gift System!!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Jul 24, 2013
What is this new feature you speak of?!

For our users that play using the Enhanced Client, we have some very exciting news.

We have now built in integration with Pinco's UI so your vendor markers will show up on your in-game map ! What's more, a cool Compass will pop up and help guide you to the vendor.

To get started, download the enhanced client at UO's official website.

Next, download Pinco's UI from his website. The extended edition is a larger download but is less likely to have any hiccups in installation and patching. Download that here: http://www.guain.it/public/uotemplate_pub/index.php?/files/file/43-pincos-ui-extended-edition/
Read the setup guide on the page as well.

Once you have it downloaded and installed, run the UI Patcher file. That will create the file associations to make Pinco's work seamlessly with various browsers. Once the UI Patcher is run, please close down all browser windows and reload them. You're now good to go!

Get to searching =) You will notice the new image next to your results.

Click that and it will pop up a message saying that "Your Browser needs to launch an external application to handle the link", click OK and the link code will communicate the coordinates to your UO !

And there you have it =) EC integration.

We're working on CC integration and many more new and intuitive things right now, so you should see some very cool functionality rolled out in the near future.

Let us know what you think, and what we can improve. Any ideas are welcome in things you'd like to see, and things you'd like improved. Please let us know if you have any issues with getting the plugin to work by clicking the Contact Us on the upper left. Our Delivery Team can not help with bug reports. Please include OS, Browser Type and Version and as detailed of a problem as possible. We'll smooth the road out as quickly as possible =)

Everyone please take a moment to tip your hat to Pinco for his continual work on providing the Enhanced Client with a UI that is expansive, intelligent and by far the best way to play EC. He has maintained and improved the UI for free for years, as simply a service to the players; we are proud to share his mentality of helping the player base, and look forward to the future of this great game and player base!

New Gift System

Introducing our new gift system which now scales as your order grows past $25. We have included many new gifts, and will be rolling out even more gifts and improvements as we get usage data from the best user base in the world. We've also been adding new items and cutting prices, which you should see the full culmination of by next week.

Shopping at SearchUO puts your money to work. We love being able to prove the goods and services for our customers, but even more so we love to invest in new programming and ways to make UO an even better experience for everyone. If you ever need a price match from someone undercutting us, please just let our delivery team know and we'll be happy to ablidge. We are here for the long hall, and your patronage has helped us grow and give back.

We genuinely thank you for your support ! Enjoy

Matt and the team

SearchUO Account Creator is Live !

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Jun 28, 2013
We are happy to introduce the SearchUO Account Creator. You can now customize an account by age, shard, and templates, so your account is everything you hoped it could be. Click here to check it out!

We've tried to include tons of great templates for every style of play, but if you have ideas for more templates let us know by clicking Contact Us in the upper left! We always reward good ideas and feedback =)

If you're in the market for a UO Account , give the Account Creator a spin !

Much more is happening at SearchUO :> Which we'll be rolling out as soon as possible. Keep sending in your ideas and suggestions for tools, items you want to see in the store, suits, everything. Keep the feedback coming!

For UO Gold or Items Fast and Secure

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Mar 21, 2013
Hey guys keep in mind that EA is taking the Character Transfer Server offline tomorrow to move it to the cloud. So if you have transfers you want to do, get them done tonight, there is no ETA when they'll be done with their move.

With our public service announcement out of the way, we can get back to what we like to talk about: Events and Services!

We recently talked to a customer about opening up Casinos in game, so we are now working on making that happen. We love hearing your ideas and things you'd like, so please keep them coming! We reward great ideas very generously =)

We have some very big projects coming to a close, which I need to not talk about until they're done, but you're going to be happppppyyyyyyy players :D

We know there are non-US sites dropping books and spamming your general chat. We want to apologize for our competitions need to invade your gameplay experience. Not everyone is as classy 8) Remember we'll always provide the cheapest price on UO Gold and Ultima Online Items. If a site offers a cheaper price on anything, or you like the gifts they're offering, let our team know and we'll make sure your gaming dollar goes as far as possible, while keeping you secure.

Speaking of UO Gold we are planning on bringing back the Gift Card giveaway, where each month we give away a few $100 Gift Cards to Amazon, or Gamestop, etc. Let us know what you'd like to see as gifts, we'd be happy to make it happen.

Thank you for making us the #1 site for Ultima Online items and Ultima Online gold,

Matt, Emma and the team

Looking for UO Gold or Items?

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Jan 21, 2013
We'll be rolling out updates to the store today and tomorrow, which will improve the speed and convenience of finding the uo gold and items that you're looking for. If you notice any bugs or issues, please let our team know via Live Chat and we'll reward you =)

We always are rewarding people for new ideas and things we should add or do, whether it be relating to our store or the free services we provide. We want to make your UO experience as great as it possibly can, so if you'd like some uo gold for free, click contact us and send us your ideas!

Speaking of Ultima Online gold, we want to remind our loyal drove, that we'll always provide you the absolute best price on UO Gold and will happily match or beat competitors pricing. Our goal is to make sure you get the most for your money while providing you with a safe and secure platform. Your identity is far more valuable than the pennies saved from a less than reputable seller. We'll make sure you get the benefit of both : cheapest gold prices and a dedication to your privacy and security from a company with over a decade of experience in making UO as great as we can :D

Stay tuned for the new updates, and please keep your ideas and requests coming!

Matt and the team

ATL Rollback - Customers Effected NOTICE

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Dec 17, 2012
Hi Everyone,

We're very sorry to hear what happened to Atlantic today. You can't help when hardware fails, and when your proper backup schedule doesn't implement properly. Nothing is truly secure in a digital world, so hats off to EA for getting things back up and running as quick as they did, and for the compensation to their customers.

As you can imagine this is going to create a very significant amount of organizational work for us, to make sure every single customer from Dec.5 7 am EST onward is properly handled for their order.


If you have an Atlantic Order that is effected please do not message us in regards to it for the next 48 hours =)

We will be preparing your orders and getting everything ready. Since this workload is so large, we ask that people do not ask for switches or changes to their orders. If your order has vendor items that we can't collect elsewhere for you (like a one of a kind Kryss for example) We will compensate you gold at a steeply discounted rate for the issue you're going through.

We will have everything prepared as you have paid for it.

December 19th at 5 PM EST, please come on chat and have this information available :

- Payment System used (Google or Paypal)

- Payment Email Address

- Billing Phone #

- AND A FRIENDLY ATTITUDE :) Please be understanding, we're an honest company with a very great staff and will make sure every last person is properly compensated.

We will do our best to make this unfortunate situation feel like it never happened.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Matt and the team


Search Engine Updates Should be Complete Today

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Dec 12, 2012
Hello everyone!

We've taken the search offline to make a few improvements live. A few of the changes you'll notice once we're back up:

We'll be updating all of the mapping to the current Luna houses
We'll be improve the search times across the board
Improved New Magincia system (Pet and Comm Deed Brokers off.. for now :)
Fix for Izumo shard results
Missing images for search results.

Things we're working on :
Updated Filter Search(Mod Specific)
Auto-mall recognition - no more need for outside of Luna runes?! =O
Imbuing Calculator updates

Many more things that we need to keep secret for now :)

Thank you very much for your continued support, it helps fund our development and allow us to offer the products and services to best serve our beloved UO community.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Matt and the team

MASSIVE Black Friday Gold Giveaway!!!!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Nov 28, 2012
Hey everybody! Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving break and getting some well-earned rest. The SearchUO team knows that nothing beats hopping into the UO world between dozing off sessions from eating too much turkey ;) We also know that theres no better time in the year to give thanks to all of our SearchUO family for making us the #1 Ultima Online Search Engine bar-none. So as a thank you, we would like to announce that starting today Friday, the 23rd, and ending at 11:59 pm Monday, the 26th, we are having a MASSIVE UO gold giveaway. The structure of the giveaway is as follows:

For all orders between 50$-99$, we are giving 10% of the order amount back in gold.
For all orders between 100-149$, we are giving 15% of the order amount back in gold.
For all orders 150$ and up, we are giving 20% of the order amount back in gold!!

So depending on where your order falls, you will be getting that percentage back in UO gold. And so we dont miss anyone, orders under 50$ will recieve a free extra wheel ticket, where you can win 10% off your next order! And keep in mind, this gold giveaway is counted along WITH all of our other great store deals and discounts; returning customer discounts, ref cash, gifts, etc.

The SearchUO team would also like to let everyone know that we are constantly working on upgrading our search, whether it be the hardware it runs on or the expansiveness of its search. We will continue to provide the most accurate, recent, and expanded area of vendors search available. So thanks again, and heres to a laid back weekend of leftovers and Ultima.

SearchUO Team

UO Gold Deals

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Oct 14, 2012
Did you know there are over 5 different bonuses that you can receive when you buy uo gold from us? All of your gold gets 5% off for being a return customer, as well as 10% if you referred the customer. You also receive 10% of your order as cashback balance toward your next order! Ready to order? Well there's more. Any orders of 60 or 100 dollars gets to choose free items upon checking out. And when your finished with that head on over to the wheel, which a ticket is given every order, for a chance to win more free uo gold. And finally, if your a member of searchUO, you can participate in the daily treasure chest drawing for a chance to win up to 100 million UO gold.

Server Upgrade Complete =) No bugs, and faster than a paragon

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Aug 03, 2012
Everything is fixed and checkout now works fine =) BEST PRICE GUARANTEED on UO Gold and items. If you find it cheaper elsewhere let our team know and we'll match or beat it.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Your SearchUO Team

Upgraded Server. Checkout Issues = Gifts !

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Aug 03, 2012
Hey guys,

We're aware of the check out issues right now. Please let the delivery team know what items you are looking to buy and they will have you send the money directly to our account. For this inconvenience all orders will be WELL COMPENSATED 8) until our web team finishes migrating to the new server =)

Also remember we'll always price match and make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

We'll update as soon as the file migration is done.

Thanks for the support, it's awesome working for you all,
Your SearchUO Team

Lower Prices Across the Board

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Jun 15, 2012
The SearchUO team has some great news for everybody! Last week we decided as a thank you to our loyal users for helping make this a fantastic site that is a joy to run, we would do a long-overdue complete price OVERHAUL. That means we went through -every- single item in this store and marked them down so they are current and competitive with not only other UO stores (which was always the case) but with vendors as well. We think our users should have every option of getting their UO goods however they please. That's why were showing appreciation for making us the most visited store/search combination in this great game.

SearchUO would also like to extend a congratulations to the winners of this past monthly giveaway. Remember, the more tickets you have by the 31st of every month means the more chances to win awesome prizes. We will be drawing on the 1st and have an announcement in the near future about June's prizes.
I hope you all take full advantage of this great offer, the overhauled store, the UO vendor search, and everything else this site offers for UO players. Because SearchUO is made by and for Ultima Online players, young and 15 year veterans alike.

Thanks again! Keep the feedback and ideas coming :D!,
Your SearchUO Team

SearchUO Monthly Giveaway!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Apr 27, 2012

Introducing the SearchUO Monthly Giveaway! Each month we're going to be giving away gift cards, electronics, video game consoles and more. The prizes will change every month, and we'd love to here ideas for gifts and contests. This whole giveaway system was submitted by a user a few months ago, so thank you very much and please keep the great ideas coming!

Every $20 you spend at the store qualifies you for a ticket, so if you place a $100 you receive 5 tickets. It's all automatic, and doesn't require you to login to a SearchUO account to take part -- but make sure you are signed in your SearchUO account to receive the 10% Cashback and to refer your friends!

We've added the new City Banners to the store, and a feature to show you which member of our delivery team is working currently. We're also going to be adding new communication options like Skype, and more :) We're also going to be updating the maps of Luna and Tokuno (I know, long overdue!) , and a new system for outside of Luna vendors that will making finding them much easier.

Thank you as always for your business and supporting what we do at SearchUO!
Your SearchUO Team

Hardware Upgrades

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Mar 25, 2012
We're doing some spring cleaning around SearchUO, and updating all of our hardware! This will allow faster updating, and lay the ground work for some of the things we have in the works :)

Search results may be a bit sporadic for the next few days. Once we're done, things will be running smoothly again =) If you have any questions, issues or ideas for things we can do to make your UO experience better, please click the Contact Us button in the upper left of the screen!

Have a great day!
Your SearchUO Team

Vendors of Britannia Submission Contest!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Jan 08, 2012
We're giving away THREE $100 Gift Certificates to the top 3 players who collect the most runes to outside of Luna Walls establishments in the next 14 days! We plan to have every mall in UO online and indexed with our new faster system! The rules are as follow:

- Mark or collect a rune in front of the steps of a house with active stocked vendors.
- No Felucca Locations (yet - we're working on it :) )
- No Inside-the-Walls of Luna shops please.
- New Haven, TerMur, Tokuno, Malas, and all of glorious Britannia are accepted!
- Please put all of your runes inside of a runebook, and name the runebook your SearchUO Username. When you finish filling up a book, message our team via Live Chat and we'll collect it. All tallying will be done after the contest is finished.

It's time to return some glory to the independent vendor, and with your help we can do just that!

If you have any questions or comments please use the contact us Link on the upper left of the site.

And remember spreading the word about SearchUO pays you well ! Every member of SearchUO has a referral link which you'll see in your My Account section. Send that URL to your friends when telling them about SearchUO and you'll get 10% of their order value in SUO Cash to be used at the store. The best part? They are your referral for LIFE, as long as they make the first purchase within 90 days of clicking your affiliate link.

We don't like to spam you in broken English (^^), or just fabricate things, but to highlight our benefits:

* US-based Company. Strict Privacy and Security regulations. We're not based in Russia like the spammers are.

* Our search has over THREE times the total items compared to the Russian spammers! This includes over 25% more item listings for inside of Luna Walls vendors alone! If you want to find the best items and the best prices... this is what we hang our hat on :)

* No jumbled results, 100% accurate listings. Every.Single.Time.

Thank you very much for your business and your support over the years! We look forward to having all of UO listed in the next few weeks and then we'll debut another thing we've been working on :>

It's going to be a great 2012 for UO!

Your SearchUO Team

One Day Gold Sale for Veteran's Day!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Nov 11, 2011
We're running a gold sale today in honor of Veteran's Day. We want to thank all of the servicemen and women serving in Armed Forces throughout the world. Your bravery is inspiring.

Go to the UO Gold Category and enjoy these savings! Many new things to come in the next few weeks to the Search Engine and more , so stay tuned ^^

If you ever need a price match from a less reputable seller please let us know , we have you covered with our Best Price Guarantee!

Also if you have any cool ideas or improvements you'd like to see, please let us know ! We will be giving out Store Credit for improvements we implement, and want you to always know that we're here to serve you. If you want Tools, Marketplace improvements, or anything at all, use the Contact Us link in the upper left of the site.

Enjoy your weekend!
Your SearchUO Team

Search Down Today for Upgrades

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Oct 10, 2011
We've taken the search engine offline while we upgrade the server. This update should be complete by tomorrow. The outside of Luna mall owners will see faster update times and we'll have hundreds of new malls added as well. This upgrade paves the way for some great additions that you'll be seeing coming this fall :)

Also, as many of you know we offer the Best Price Guarantee on UO gold and items. If you find a seller(maybe spamming up your screen in general chat? ^^) with a cheaper price just let us know and we'll match or beat it for you. Here's a quick comparison:
* We don't spam you in game - you'll find us when you need us.
* We're a US based company; the gen-chat spammers are in Russia.
* We abide by strict privacy guidelines regarding your personal information in the US. In Russia, you're leaving yourself wide open to many horrible potential events.
* Our Search Engine provides over 2x the results of our competitors. Imagine what you could be missing?!

Thank you very much as always for your business, and for making SearchUO what it is today!

Search Improvements + Instant Gold!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Aug 19, 2011
You should notice a substantial improvement in search speed over the next coming weeks as we are wrapping up some of our projects!

Our gold is fully stocked and ready for instant delivery on every server! With the BEST PRICE GUARANTEE you'll always be ahead of the game at SearchUO. We won't be undersold!

We're always adding new items and adjusting prices, and if you want something you don't see listed just ask our team and we'll get it for you!

Stay tuned for many updates and additional tools to make your UO experience as great as it can be!

Your SearchUO Team

New Malls, New Maps, and the Fastest Service in UO!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: May 21, 2011
Greeting from SearchUO!

We have added over a hundred new outside of Luna vendor shops in the last few weeks, and have many more to go. If you would like the shop your vendor is at added to SearchUO, please mark a rune infront of the house and message our friendly Delivery Team to hand them the rune.

All house maps will be rebuilt this week, with proper proportions and design. We're also looking at additional functionalities for vendor owners and searchers alike. Much to come this summer at SearchUO =)

Our store is fully stocked, and our delivery team is only a click away for fast delivery of whatever you're looking for!

All purchases at SearchUO help fund the further development of the search engine, and the various tools and projects we're working on. UO is the greatest MMO every built, and our goal is to make it as accesible and enjoyable for as many people as possible!

Your SearchUO Team

New Magincia and Faster Search Times!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed
Added: Apr 19, 2011
Hello everyone,

We've got some exciting news and happenings going on at SearchUO, improvements to both the search and our store!

We have recently completed upgrades to our search system, and now our update times are over 60% faster!

Along with that, we've added New Magincia to our system, and look forward to the great and creative malls and homes put up! We're going to put up some basic maps for New Mag for now, while everyone gets settled in and finalizes their plots.

We're going to be updating the Luna houses as well in the coming weeks to make finding that specific vendor even easier.

On the store front, we're updating pricing on items throughout the store, and have many new items that will be added this week, so flip through the categories, and if you don't see what you're looking for, just let us know. We'll be happy to make your request a reality!

We won't be undersold ! If you see a better deal, or need us to match someone's special, just let our team know.

Thank you from all of us here, for your business and supporting our growth in making UO as great as it can be for everyone!
Your SearchUO Team

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