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Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Nov 26, 2020

Hi everyone,

With 2020 nearly in the rearview... it's time to begin celebrating ( safely. at home. with the finest in wizard wares! )

* UO Gold is now on a temporary sale ! * so if you were looking to stock pile , now is your time!

* Game Time pricing slashed * Get an extra house going, or pay for your account for years to come with these steep savings in Game Time!

We're going to keep adding sales and items as this weekend goes on, so check back or let our team know if there's anything you want that you don't see!

If you ever need a price matched or beat by any competitor, just let our team know, and our Best Price Guarantee will keep you secure and saving money!

Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SearchUO!
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Sep 18, 2020

You'll see the new rare cauldron sets added in the Home Decor category , or the New Items category. As well as the rare tabard cloth! These hues are not available in the game outside of this tabard colored cloth - The green , orange, and red are our favorites! A lot to add, a lot to fill you guys in about, annnnd we'll do that next week =)

As always - Best Price Gaurantee! on gold and items - we won't be undersold by any random sellers, so just let the team know, and we'll make sure you're taken care of with dependable service, safe and secure!

Stay safe!
Your SearchUO Team
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: May 01, 2019

Hail and Well Met!

We're happy to have the new Triton in stock! This new event reward pet packs a punch, and can be fully trained up! Let us know the best builds you have and we'll get them added to the site, and give you credit :)

All of the current Rising Tide Event Items can be found here

Best Price Guarantee, we won't be undersold on gold by any reputable seller!

More news coming soon :D
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Oct 09, 2018

Hi everyone! It's been...*checks sun dial*.. a while..

So let's jump in! A lot has been going on, and we've been doing a less than perfect job at keeping you up to speed.

* Mask of Khal Ankur and First Aid Belt have been added to the store. You can find the Mask of Khal Ankur in the Gear -> Head category, and the First Aid Belt in the Gear -> Footwear,Sash,Apron category... or by typing in Mask or First in the store search :P

* Pricing on items has been updated throughout the store. This is ongoing, as we clean up old items that no one loves anymore and focus on delivery efficiencies of the gear everyone wants.

* Pets - We are rolling out an exciting new offering of fully trained, and skilled pets with best use instructions. We will be adding more over the coming week. Message us via Live Chat or Email and tell us what pet's you'd like to see and we will get to building the best versions of them!

The Website has EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS.... which we're going to hold off on for this very second :) Keep you on your toes you know?!

Gifts and Rewards While we work on an even more robust Gifts and Rewards system we will be implementing the following: 10 Million Gold Bonus for every $50 spent so this is what you get shopping with us:

* Best Price Guaranteed Any real competitor, we will match or beat their price, every single time

* Return Customer Discount 5% off EVERY order as a return customer when you login your account

* 10% Store Credit for orders and your referrals Spend $20, get $2 in store credit value added to your store account! Refer a friend? 10% of everything they spend will show up in your store account!

No Transfer Fees . This doesn't need explaining

And we can go on, but overall, thank you for hanging in there while we update and get things how we want them. We appreciate your business and for the emails and notes left with our team over the past few months as we've been experimenting with improvements. We are committed to your feedback and taking action on it. We work for you, and look forward to making 2019 and beyond in UO even better!

Your SearchUO Team
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Aug 10, 2017

For each and every $25 spent in orders from August 10th at midnight EST, until August 31st at midnight EST will receive 1 ticket into a raffle for either a 500 Million Gold prize, or a 1 Billion Gold grand prize on your shard of choice (no Seige/Mugen).
Winners will be drawn September 1st!

Want anything added? Let us know via Live Chat what you'd like to see - We'll reward implemented ideas / items to add with store credit!

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Mar 19, 2017

We have added all the new potion recipes, totems, dyes and pigments! Prices have been updated on all items and we have the best crafted suits available. Members still get 10% cash back, and 5% customer discount, along with your choice of gift with orders over $25.

Want to get even more deals from searchuo? Have you tried the refer a friend program? Login and get your special member URL link and give it to your guild members or friends who want to sign up to searchuo and then get 10% SUO cash on all of their orders for life!
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Dec 24, 2016

Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Nov 25, 2016

Black Friday Weekend Sales at SearchUO! 1/2 Hour Specials! Tarantula Added!!

Every 30 minutes until Monday we'll be putting a different item on sale for up to a 50% discount! We're also opening up the "never on sale" list for THIS WEEKEND ONLY (including Cyber Monday) , so if you're a merchant looking to resell on your vendors, now's your shot at stocking up!

* The Tarantula Mount is in Stock! *
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Oct 21, 2016

All prices of Vendor Search items are now cheaper than ever! Pick up the ultimate gear from across UO and our team will get it from the vendor and move it to your server for only $8.00 !

Pets and Houses In Stock
All pets and houses are back in stock thanks to the great correspondence we've had from our new pet and housing teams!
Posted by: Site Admin Ultima Online RSS Feed - Added: Sep 23, 2016

SearchUO is happy to present the all-new upgraded Vendor Search and Store look/functionality. Let's go into quick detail about the changes and how it's going to make your UO experience that much better !

First and foremost is a project we've been working on for quite some time. It's a straight up improvement to the way SearchUO users can search for items, quickly find their items, and not waste time trying to find the needle in the haystack. This improvement is the Interact-able Vendor Bag. To see this first hand, search an item as you would normally. Under the name of the items listed, you'll see a '(Show Bag)' hyperlink. Click this and it will draw the entirety of that vendor right there on the site. Inside you'll see ALL of the content on that specific vendor. The neat part is, you can now interact with that bag as if you were the vendor owner, picking up items, that say, are stacked, and moving them and seeing whats under them. You can double click a bag INSIDE the vendor bag and open that one and see that bag's contents. Also as an added feature to help you find the specific item on that vendor, it will be glowing and dancing around to easily be picked out from the other rubbish. It has never been easier to search for an item, find where exactly on the vendor it is, and see other items you may want from the same seller. As a UO player, I'm excited for this myself.

As far as the rest of the update, we changed the look and functionality of the site a bit. We didn't go too extreme in the look because we know people like what they like, just cleaned some stuff up and made it easier to read and understand. Now at the top you can find direct links to our Gold, Accounts, Suits and Powerleveling which are very popular items. The site has also been moved to a new server which is going to improve load times on an already well performing site. We also have the ability to add items and update prices MUCH easier and much faster, so we'll always be sure to remain the most competitive and comprehensive Ultima Online Store for many years to come!

All of us on the SearchUO Team just wants to thank you for being loyal customers since 2005 and making running this site and community a joy. We're one big family and we know you'll enjoy the new vendor search as much as we will. BUT since everyone's a critic ;), we're going to add a feedback section where you can directly get in touch with us and let us know what you think. If you wanna see something added, or improved upon, or just wanna say what's up, shoot us a message. Let's continue helping make UO a limitless and enjoiyable game, and community to be apart of!

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