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Welcome to the Imbuing Calculator, please choose what type of piece you want to calculate.

Total Item Intensity:

  • It is possible to imbue moderate to high total intensity on an NPC purchased item, depending on the properties desired.  Maximum total intensity 450%
  • Maximum intensity for a non-exceptionally crafted item appears to be identical to that of an NPC purchased item.
  • It is possible to imbue high to maximum total intensity on an exceptionally crafted item, depending on the properties desired.
  • Exceptionally crafted base items give a bonus chance to adding a property, as well as to the maximum possible intensity of a property. Maximum total intensity 500%

Property Weight:

  • Property weight only has low to moderate impact on the total possible intensity for armor pieces. Likely due to the specific properties available on armor.
  • Property weight has wide range of impact on the total possible intensity for weapons, also likely due to the specific properties available on weapons.
  • Property weight on jewelry mostly follows the model of property weight on armor. There is some variance due to certain offensive properties being available on jewelry that are not available on armor.
  • Property weight on shields appears to have zero impact. It is likely that none of the properties available on shields have weight.

Imbuing Bonuses to Success Chance:

  • Gemmed Jewelry (non-magical) cannot receive the exceptional bonuses available on other items due to the inablilty to craft the pieces exceptionally. This includes both the 20% success chance bonus as well as the unknown total maximum possible intensity bonus available on all other item types.
  • Magical jewelry (crafted artifact-type) is assumed to benefit from the exceptional bonuses available to other item types.
  • The base value for all imbuing bonuses is that of a human character imbuing onto an NPC purchased item, except the Queen's Forge bonus.
    • Non-Exeptional Crafted Bonus: applied 10%
    • Gargoyle Racial Bonus: applied 10%
    • Exceptional Crafted Bonus: applied 20%
  • The Gargoyle Racial bonus will stack with the bonus obtained from the base item. The Queen's Forge bonus stacks with both racial and base item bonuses.
  • The Queen's Forge base bonus is a flat bonus, rather than an applied bonus, of 2%. There is additional bonus added to the Queen's Forge bonus based on any other bonuses the character may receive. This bonus is the percentage of bonus the character has, applied to 2%. That total is then added to the character's success chance value as it would at any other soulforge.
[for better understanding, the above in mathematical terms]

H = Human Base Value
T = Total Succes Chance

(2 + (2 x .1)) + (H + (H x .1)) = T
[this equation is for a gargoyle using an NPC purchased item at Queen's Forge]


  • Human "Success Chance" is the base value for success. (H)
  • Gargoyles get a 10% racial bonus to success chance. (H x .1) = 10%
  • Non-exceptional crafted items get a 10% bonus to success chance. (H x .1)) = 10%
  • Exceptionally crafted items get an additional 20% bonus to success chance. (H x .2) = 20%
  • Queen's Forge gets 2% [hard value] bonus + bonus value for racial and/or item (see below)
  • NPC Purchased Item: Base Value (H) ... Queen's Forge: H + 2
  • Non-Exeptional Crafted: H + (H x .1) ... Queen's Forge: (H + (H x .1)) + (2 + (2 x .1))
  • Exceptionally Crafted: H + (H x .2) ... Queen's Forge: (H + (H x .2)) + (2 + (2 x .2))
  • Racial Bonus: H + (H x .1) ... Queen's Forge: (H + (H x .1)) + (2 + (2 x .1))
  • Non-Exceptional Crafted: H + (H x .2) ... Queen's Forge: (H + (H x .2)) + (2 + (2 x .2))
  • Exceptionally Crafted: H + (H x .3) ... Queen's Forge: (H + (H x .3)) + (2 + (2 x .3))

Note: The game rounds some of the numbers wrong.

NPC Item: 155.6
NPC Item QF: 157.6

Crafted Item: 171.1
Crafted Item QF: 173.3

Exceptional Item: 186.7
Exceptional Item QF: 189.0


NPC Item: 171.1
NPC Item QF: 173.3

Crafted Item: 186.7
Crafted Item QF: 189.0

Exceptional Item: 202.2
Exceptional Item QF: 204.8

Plus Skills On Jewelry:

Being a special case, this subject requires its own category.
  • Property weight for plus skills is 1.4. Non-gemmed jewelry and jewelry with magic properties such as 'ecru citrine ring' and 'brilliant amber bracelet' can be exceptional. Gemmed jewelry such as 'a diamond ring' or 'an emerald bracelet' cannot be made exceptionally, so the maximum number of plus skills possible to imbue is 3 at 100% (+15) and one at 20% (+3).
  • There are five groups of skills that will replace each other:

    Skill Groups
    Group 1: Magery
    Swords Macing
    Group 2: Wrestling
    Provocation Tactics Spirit Speak
    Animal Taming
    Group 3: Meditation Discordance Parrying Focus Animal Lore Stealth  
    Group 4: Mysticism Bushido Necromancy Veterinary Stealing Evaluate Intelligence
    Group 5: Resist Spells Peacemaking Healing Chivalry Archery Ninjitsu

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