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UO Wheel of Uberness

ATTENTION: Customers who receive wheel tickets after 6/2/2017 will be applied to the searchuo account that you ordered with. Visit this page while logged in to see how many wheel tickets you have.

Do you have a Wheel Ticket?

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Top Prizes
10% OFF Coupon - Next Order
5% OFF Coupon - Next Order
10 Million in UO Gold or 100 GM skill training - Your Choice
5 Million in UO Gold - Any Shard
Barbed Runic Sewing Kit - Any Shard
2 Million in UO Gold - Any Shard
1 Million in UO Gold - Any Shard

Unlucky CODES
If you are one of the few unlucky ticket holders you will be informed
on the next page after submitting a valid ticket.

Other Promotions
Possible savings
of $46.75 (10 mil + $25 off ordering 100 million)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a ticket?
A: Any successful purchase made through search uo will email a ticket to the one you provide.

Q: Are the prizes random or does each ticket belong to a certain prize?
A: Any codes generated to spin the wheel, are just that. The prize chosen, is random for any ticket.

Q: If I win, how do I receive my prize?
A: Another CODE will be generated in the event of a prize. This new ticket can be emailed, live chat, icq to employee of Search UO. We will then deliver your prize.

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