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What is Search UO all about?

Well Search UO was born out of a severe frustration at finding a full spellbook when I needed one. Or possibly it was out of one of the many times I needed a Faster Casting ring with LRC and just a little bit of Energy Resist!

We have all spent more time shopping in game to try to complete our armor, characters, houses or lay hands on that rare that completes our collection. That's what brought the idea for SearchUO to life. And believe me, I cannot even begin to tell you how many hours I have saved, or how much uo gold I have saved using Search UO.

Search UO can be used to find a spellbook, runebook, jewelry, resources, tokens, powerscrolls, armor, weapons and a multitude of other needs that you encounter everyday while crafting, decorating or getting ready for a guild event. As we continue to improve the site and the database, we hope to make things easier and faster for you, the searcher who doesn't want to spend any more time here than they did shopping in game.

So your next question might be, "What information exactly do you collect?" A simple answer to that question is that we collect all information that is given to every player when they are shopping. Most importantly, we display the following information when your search results are returned:

  1. The NAME of the item. This is where you might see titles of items. For example "Barbed Leather Leggings" or "Armor of Fortune".

  2. The PRICE of the item. Obviously most important to all of us that aren't super rich tamers in game. If the item is not for sale individually, but rather included in a bag or box with other items, we consider that a "bulk pack" and do not show the price. Instead we include a new link that you can click that will show you all the contents of the bulk pack and the price you will have to pay to buy the bulk pack. This happens a lot when vendors are selling LRC Suits or 70's Suits.

  3. The UPDATE TIME. This is a crucial piece of information. We can only tell you what was on a vendor when we looked at it. A shopper could have come by moments after we left and purchased this item. Therefore use the UPDATE TIME as a guide to determine the likelihood of an item still being available on the vendor. If an item was updated 76 minutes ago, its most likely still there. If it was updated 3 days ago, It is most likely not there now. A note on how our database works. We don't delete items that are not found the next time we do a search. Until the item reaches a 7 day time. The reason for this is that Search UO is used by many to help price items that they are considering purchasing from other players. If they can search for an item and see that it was available on a vendor and most likely sold at XXXX price, then that helps them gauge how much they should sell or buy something.

  4. The name of the VENDOR. This is the name of the vendor that is displayed when you click on the house sign and scan through the vendors. We use what are known as screen scrapers to collect a lot of the data. Unfortunately when you hit all names at a crowded vendor house, all the names overlap and its virtually impossible for us to use that technique to get the vendors name which can be different from the name that appears in the list of vendors in the house sign. So always remember that the name we give you is the one you will find when scan the vendors list in the house sign method of shopping.

  5. The MAP LINK. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the list. When you see an item you are interested in and want to see it on the vendor, you click on this link and up pops a pretty little map window. There are two maps in this window. On the right is the full World map, showing you the general area of the vendor inside of an "inset square". On the left is a zoomed in view of the "INSET SQUARE" that was on the right map, pinpointing in more detail exactly where the vendor is. We also include the vendor's name and UOAM coordinates of the vendor for the people that prefer the exact math of the location.

  6. DATA. Ok here is the fun stuff. This is all the mods, percentages, numbers, details, durability, and sellers comments that appeared on the item. This is where you can see exactly what the item has, can do, or is good for. An example of an entry in the database might look something like this:

Sample Search

Many people have asked, "How on earth can you collect that much information on a daily basis" That's an easy question to answer. After the movie was done being filmed, many of the OOMPA LOOMPA's had trouble finding work. Being as they are some of the most accurate and hardest working people we have ever seen, not to mention the fact that they are famous movie stars, it only seemed to make sense to put them to work doing the type of work they love.

Do you include BODS in your collection of data? Hmmmmmmm I hate this question......right now.....sorta. We tell you where the books are, and what their titles are, but right now we don't tell you every item inside the book. We will be including that data soon.

Ok, what other questions do people usually ask me or what thoughts about the site can I share with you.....

Ok at this point I am tired of typing and you're probably not laughing at my jokes anymore so I will end this by asking you to please stop by the forums, check out how some people have done their searches to best find items. Also if you have a suggestion or comment, I will certainly listen to it and see if it can be incorporated into the site.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to running into you in game. ICQ me anytime and good luck!

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