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ultima online A Grammer of Orchish (Summoner)
A Grammer of Orchish (Summoner)
Summons an Orc Brute
Random Animal Protection +10%
Resisting Spells +5
Anatomy +7
Price: $3.99
ultima online A Primer on Arms
A Primer on Arms
Removes Lasting Damage Effects Strength Bonus 1
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Damage Increase 20%
Price: $3.99
ultima online Birds of Britannia
Birds of Britannia
Summons Random Creatures
Animal Taming +5
Animal Lore +5
Bird Slayer
Price: $3.99
ultima online My Book
My Book
No double click effect
Weight 1 Stone
Inscription Exceptional Bonus
Random Inscription Bonus
Random Intelligence Bonus 5
Mana Increase 2
Price: $4.99
ultima online Talking to Wisps
Talking to Wisps
Ward Removal on target
Weight 1
Stone Spirit Speak +3
Evaluate Intelligence +5
Price: $2.99
ultima online Treatise on Alchemy Tailsman
Treatise on Alchemy Tailsman
No double click effect
Alchemy Bonus Random
Magery +5
Enhance Potions 15%
Price: $3.99
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