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ultima online Commodity Deed Box
Commodity Deed Box
This requires 12 months or order on your account.
The box works like your bank, you may create or use any commodity deed box inside it
Price: $4.99
ultima online Corrupted Crystal Portal
Corrupted Crystal Portal
Allows you to transport to Dungeon Entrances! Can be used by anyone!
Price: $4.99
ultima online Crystal Portal
Crystal Portal
Teleport directly to any moongate!

Can be used by anyone!
Price: $3.99
ultima online Gadgetry Table
Gadgetry Table
Animated House Add-on

8th Year Veteran Reward

Creates an advanced tinkering golem - fully trained - every 24 hours!
Price: $20.99
ultima online Repair Bench
Repair Bench
Load this with every type of repair deed, to make repairing your and your friends equipment painless!
Price: $19.99
ultima online Retouching Tool
Retouching Tool
Characters are able to set ethereal mounts hue to transparent or normal

These can only be claimed by a character of 11 years, however, it can be use by anyone.

If it is used on a Polar Bear mount or Charger of the Fallen will set those mounts to transparent
Price: $17.99
ultima online Seed Box
Seed Box
4th Year Reward

This box will identify all seeds put into the box, it will hold and organize up to 5000 seeds, and 300 unique seeds
Price: $4.99
ultima online Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine
House add-on, which you fill with 5000 charges to make make crafting a breeze!
Price: $14.99
ultima online Smithing Press
Smithing Press
House add-on, which you fill with 5000 charges to make make crafting a breeze!
Price: $14.99
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