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Smuggler's Toolbox
Smuggler's Toolbox
Uses Remaining: 10
You can pick up 5-12 lock picks by consuming 1 charge.
1 charge is recovered every 24 hours (Max: 10 charges).
Price: $3.99
If this is your first time purchasing the "Smuggler's Toolbox" or any other Search UO products, here are some helpful tips.
Orders can be placed for Smuggler's Toolbox using almost any debit bank or credit card, aswell as paypal or google checkout.
Using the live chat feature can speed up your delivery by alerting the staff that you are ready to pick-up your UO "Smuggler's Toolbox" or Ultima Online orders in-game.

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Smugglers Edge
Smugglers Edge
When you succeed in stealing an item and have a chance to steal a rare item, your stealing skill is temporarily set up among 80.0-110.0(random). If your stealing skill is under 100.0 and temporary stealing skill is also under 100.0, your rare item stealing fails due to the shortage of the skill.

When your stealing skill is over 100.0, it serves as the minimum guaranteed skill, and a higher value is adopted.
If your stealing skill is over 100.0, you can get a bonus to the appearance ratio of a rare item.
100.0-109.9: +1%
110.0-119.9: +2%
110.0-119.9: +3%
In addition to the existing rare items, the following two rare items may be able to be stolen only at the time of stealing with a smuggler's edge.

Smuggler's Lantern:
Lantern with spell channeling
100 colors

Smuggler's Tool Box:
You can pick up 5-12 lockpicks by consuming 1 charge.
1 charge is recovered every 24 hours (Max: 10 charges)
Price: $5.99
Undertakers Staff
Undertakers Staff
Undertaker's staff works in the following case. And it spends 1 charge when you succeed in summoning your corpse.
The corpse is your own corpse (You can summon only your own corpse).
The corpse exists in same sub-server.
The corpse exists in 40 tiles from you.
You don't have a criminal flag.
You don't have an aggressor's flag to other players.
The corpse hasn't been summoned 3 times yet.
The corpse isn't empty.

And if you were killed by other player in PvP facet, you can't summon the corpse for 3 minutes*
* May change during online play

You can select Summon most recent corpse only or summon all corpses(*default) from the staff's command menu. If you summon several corpses at once, only 1 charge is consumed. If you can't summon any corpses, the charge isn't consumed.
Price: $4.99
Dread Horn Statuette
Dread Horn Statuette
Get yourself the Dread Horn Statuette from searchuo. We can deliver Dread Horn Statuette quickly by speaking with our live chat.
Price: $19.99
Token of Holy Favor
Token of Holy Favor
Hit Point Increase 5
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Defense Chance Increase 10%
Spell Damage Increase 4%
Faster Cast Recovery 2
Faster Casting 1
Cold Resist 5%
Poison Resist 5%
Durability 255/255
Price: $9.99
Crimson Cincture
Crimson Cincture
Ultimate pvp artifact!! Dexterity Bonus 5
Hit Point Increase 10
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Strength Requirement 10
Price: $19.99
Name Change Token
Name Change Token
Allows you to change the name of your character
Price: $8.99
Rangers Cloak of Augmentation
Rangers Cloak of Augmentation
Kinetic Eater 5%
Spell Damage Increase 3%
Lower Mana Cost 1%
Swing Speed Increase 5%
Price: $14.99
100 Million UO Gold
100 Million UO Gold
100 Million Gold *LIMITED TIME SALE*
Price: $24.00
A Deed for a Tree Stump Decoration
A Deed for a Tree Stump Decoration
Your account must be 84 months old to use Tree Stumps
Price: $5.99
Woodworkers Bench
Woodworkers Bench
Gives +5 Carpentry when double-clicked!
Price: $2.99
Banner Pack
Banner Pack
Includes bag labeled Allegiance Pack
Price: $16.99

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